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One Less Fear.

When we first started working with the Institution Mixte Scolair de Lafferonnay, we sat down with the Director and had a conversation about the greatest needs and the dreams for the school. A couple days later we ended up with an information packet in both English and French explaining who they are, what they do, and a list (which has become more like a check list for us) of their needs.

Between three teams that have come earlier this year, they were able to build 20 of the 80 school benches the school needs. We're starting to make progress and this post is to share with you all the latest answered prayer for this school.

This past April, Team Evans came down and were part of the staining crew to finish the benches for the school. While there, we shared with the team about the need expressed to us to get bars put on their glass windows. We showed them the windows and let them know that this was the next project we'd love to see completed before the upcoming school year.

Because this school has had help from outside organizations (an organization in France who built the school after the earthquake, and now us), they are a target for vandalization and for people breaking in thinking they have valuable things inside. A few weeks before Team Evans came, we learned that it had recently happened and someone had stolen what little they had. There was then a sense of urgency on our part to get it done. Fast forward to a couple weeks after the team left, we got a message from Todd Evans saying that they wanted to pay to get bars put up in the school. We had already gotten a quote from Woulo so we gave Todd the price quoted and the money to complete the project was deposited shortly after.

Things have been busy around here running teams (praise!) and our welder friend, Woulo, has been kept pretty busy as well (another praise!) so finding a good time to get the bars put up has taken a bit. Thankfully, this past week Woulo and a couple of his friends were able to get all the windows welded together and put up at the school.

Woulo with the windows.

[Pictured above is Woulo, our friend and welding extraordinaire in Lafferonnay.]


***Just a side note: Woulo has been working on projects for us the past couple years between these bars on the windows, doors, gate work, building a cage, fixing welded parts on vehicles, and everything else we need welded. His work is always great, his prices are right, he's timely, but even more so than all that, his friendship and dependability has been a blessing to us. He lives and works right across the street from us and we love the fact that we get to support our neighbor and our community. If anyone living in Haiti ever needs anything welded, we HIGHLY recommend him!


In all, 9 windows were put up and the schools assets were secured so that the school can continue doing all they can do educate the students with what they have. There will be one less fear of being broken into and stolen from that the Director has to deal with and don't doubt the confidence building effect this has.

So thank you Team Evans for coming and serving personally as well as leaving and continuing to serve financially. The opportunities to #konbittogether both in-country and from America are plentiful and we are thankful you chose to not let the work end the week you left.

Pictured below is the schools Director Pierre Audain with the windows.

[Pictured above is the Director of the school, Pierre Audain, with the bars.]

The school still has many needs and if you are interested in learning more about the school and ways you can help, contact us today!

Email Kris:

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