We absolutely LOVE teams and love serving our Haitian community alongside of them. We intentionally design trips for team members to experience the beauty of this country, its culture, and its people. We desire for individuals to return to their respective countries and speak about Haiti as more than just "the earthquake" and the "poorest country in the western hemisphere." We desire for individuals to also continue supporting Haiti as they can, but also to be committed to serving those in need around them.

Since 2018 though, we have not had any teams come to Haiti due to the unrest in the country. We are hopeful that teams will return in the near future, but until then, we are not booking any teams. However, needs have not subsided and there is still a great need for you all to come alongside of us as we stand with our Haitian brothers and sisters during this time. There are many opportunities for you to serve and we continually share those needs via email and on our Facebook page. Be sure to sign up to receive updates from us and "Like" and follow us on social media.


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