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With an unemployment rate of about 70%, most Haitians must find ways, other than jobs, to support their families. Opening a small business is a dream for many of these people. Of course, without jobs, saving enough money to open a business prevents most from their dream coming through.

One of the missions of Konbit is to meet with would-be entrepreneurs to discuss their business dream and then walk them through the planning needed to increase their chances of success. Individuals who show genuine desire and have the knowledge base to be successful are mentored, one-on-one, to further develop their ideas and maximize their income potential. Once their plan is fully developed, they are given micro-loans or grants to kick-start their new business. These one-on-one meetings are then carried over to follow up visits to ensure that the money is being used as requested, as well as support and pray with them for their continued success.

These business “dreams come true” are life-changing! In one particular instance, a single mother came to the Konbit gate, crying and asking for food to feed her and her baby. Two weeks later she proudly showed us her operation. We happily watched as she gave instructions to her two employees. Opportunities to make these business dreams come "knocking at the Konbit gate" literally every day. Our biggest limitation is simply financial support to invest in these people. Konbit has received inquiries from friends and supporters wanting to know how they can support one of these budding entrepreneurs and give them a hand up, with dignity. Below are some of the business opportunities currently awaiting funding. This list of businesses will continue to change; growing as we meet with people, and then shrinking as they complete their consultations and supporters adopt their business. Should someone who has received donor support and for some reason it be determined not to fund them, the adopting supporter will be contacted. All donations to the general small business development fund will be directed to the next person ready for funding.


We love sharing stories of how God provided the funds to launch businesses and the impact that it made on their life. Through the link above, you will be able to read stories of success and in turn, we hope you glorify our Father in heaven alongside us. Your giving is making this impact and it's easy to see that we are all better when we konbit together. 

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