We understand that many people and organizations have been working in Haiti long before our ministry landed in Lafferonnay. We also know that these people and organizations have a better understanding of the culture and their reach goes farther because Haitians reach Haitians in ways we never could. Because of this, coupled with our desire to come alongside those who are already working in our community, we choose to partner.

Most of the work we do in our community comes from the suggestion of and oftentimes under the direction of our various community partners. Needs are brought up, dreams are shared, and program ideas are offered and from there, we prayerfully consider how we can best leverage our resources and networks to bring these things to fruition.

When teams come to serve with Konbit, we partner with many of our local organizations, and not only is it a great experience for our teams, but it is also giving back to our community and strengthening our partnerships moving forward. In turn, when we desire to put on programs, many of our partners also help us make it happen. Our partnerships have been a blessing not only for us but for many others who live in Lafferonnay.


As an organization desiring to show love and share Christ, we partner with a local church that is committed to the same thing. We partner to provide immediate relief when needed, sponsor business opportunities for members, and work alongside them spiritually and physically.

Education is important, and in Haiti, this is a luxury not afforded to many. Many schools are under-resourced and in response, we seek to partner with them in whatever way we can. Investing in schools is an investment in the future of Haiti and this is just one of the many ways we desire to serve those here.


By partnering with local organizations, we have an inside track to our community and the needs around us. Our reach goes deeper into the community and organizationally, our relationships with the community are strengthened as well. Serving Lafferonnay in this way is our heartbeat and we couldn't imagine doing it any other way!