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Come on a team! Scheduling now for 2024


KONBIT is planting a second ministry site in Monneague, Jamaica!

Read below to see how God is leading this move. 

Konbit is founded on partnering in the work God is already doing. In 2020 we started dreaming of planting in Jamaica. We remained steadfast and hopeful for when the time would be right to work in both Caribbean countries. The time is now. Konbit launched in Monneague, St. Ann, Jamaica in September 2022. The launch was led by the Colemans and they are building great connections and ministry. As they follow God’s lead into Jamaica, KONBIT Haiti will still be fully functioning with our Haitian staff. Kris plans to visit as often as possible.


KONBIT runs at the speed of relationships. As the Colemans have planted in Monneague, they are taking their time getting to know their neighbors. They are seeing the needs and asking God how to to meet them. As KONBIT has functioned in Haiti, they will seek to partner with their community both physically and spiritually. Due to COVID-19 Jamaica's poverty rate increased from 19% in 2018, to 23% in the last years. Their tourism industry has suffered terribly, and has placed over 50,000 more  residents under the poverty threshold. 



  • Discernment and wisdom for the move. May God lead us to the right JAMAICAN communities for KONBIT to serve.

  • Wisdom regarding timing for welcome teams and interns.

  • For the necessary resources to be provided; car, house, furniture, and appliances.

  • Help the staff to love well and make lasting connections to Jamaican leaders across the different sectors. We want to serve Pastors, school directors, and more. Those relationships must be built first.



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