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Our 9 days in Haiti

Our US and Haitian staff hold an abundance of gratitude for the nine days they spent together in Lafferonnay. The days went fast but were full of hugs, laughter, good food, and even better people. This newsletter will focus on their time there and all the ways KONBIT continues.

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another." Hebrews 10:24-25

Meals on Two Wheels

The first full day in Lafferonnay our team visited the elders who live closest to the KONBIT house. The walk is never far, but always takes a long time due to the many people we get to greet along the way. On the walk our team surprised one of our business partners at her depot, which supplies Lafferonnay with many things ranging from detergent to rice. Her business was hit hard due to the gang violence near Port-au-Prince. Her supplies typically arrive on a truck coming from the Capital, however now that gangs control a major part of the road, it is increasingly difficult to receive those goods. During our absence, one of her employees braved the route and as she was returning to Lafferonnay with all the goods she was robbed of everything and lost all they had invested in. Our God is a God of provision and KONBIT was able to lend her enough to recover her supplies. The needs of our community continue, so KONBIT continues. KONBIT finally made it to the homes of our M2W members and were greeted with open hands and smiley faces. They laughed and caught us up on their lives. It was a reunion we have all been praying for and one all of our American staff has missed dearly. Our members are doing well and are full of strength. One of them was moved into a new home that feels just like the garden of Eden. She has every kind of tree you can imagine, bearing fruit that is as sweet as honey. In fact, she also has three hives and is keeping bees, for real honey. We are so happy for her as her health is improving and Gods provision is overflowing. While here our team has been scouting land to build our assisted living home and are efficiently moving forward in those plans, because KONBIT continues. We just added another sweet saint to our program. Our staff met with her early Tuesday morning and were instantly connected. She is a prayer warrior who has seen God beautifully overcome many things in her life. Below will be a link to subscribe to our exclusive Assisted Living Home newsletters to hear more personal, connective testimonies of our elders.

Meals on Two Wheels delivery at Dieu Donne's House.

His prayer request was that he continues to be close to God and feels His presence. Pray for healing in his feet.

Jeff and Kris visiting with Getta.

All time with her is precious. She immediately lit up when she saw Jeff and Kris. Their conversation was lively and energetic, and her mental health seems to be stable. We love her. Please continue to pray for her. She is living back at a church (her mental instability makes other placement too difficult) and we are striving to build the Assisted Living Home in order to provide her with secure housing. After she saw Jeff and Kris, she came over and swept in front of our house as a welcome home gesture.

Our team visting Simone.

She is still passionately serving God. During our visit she said "even if you're in the grave, God will pour cold water on your head." Meaning do not be discourage, God will always be with you. He will refresh you in your waiting.

Madam Bemoin came to visit.

Praise God, her health is doing improving. Her prayer request is for her family. She is the only Christian out of her siblings and we are constantly praying for their salvation.

Our newest M2W member!

We are rejoicing that we are able to add another member! Her name is Magerit, and she is passionate about loving God and loving others.

Tutoring Program / Kid's Ministry

Kids ministry has continued, because KONBIT continues. This week our team took a front row seat to our tutoring program. At 2PM Kitson and Jenna walked the shaded path to the local school we’ve partnered with. They opened the gate and 11 students cheered, excited for their afternoon of homework help, devotions, and fun. A few minutes later they were all seated in the community center, sipping on cold water and snacking on crackers. Homework soon followed with three full tables of brilliant kids. Elimage, Kitson, and Jenna divided and conquered ensuring all kids finished their tasks with excellence. All homework was finished with 15 minutes remaining for fun. Jenna brought out some play-dough and Haitian coloring books, and we quickly made use of creative time. The program is running smoothly, and we are so proud of Kitson for all his hard work. He has created a safe, fun, educational space for all students.

Jenna had our yard constantly full of kids playing basketball, soccer, and Old Maid this week. The littles of Lafferonnay are doing well, being as silly as ever. They even decided all on their own to do a Kids KONBIT, pictured below. Another afternoon Jenna and Kitson opened the community center just to have creative time with the kids. After water coloring and indoor soccer, they all squeezed together to hear the story of Jesus calming the storm in Matthew 8. The story was animated and imaginative. Jenna often paused to prompt the kids, “Imagine if you were here…” After the story, a few of them mentioned that they had never heard that story before and didn’t know it was true. What a gift it is to share the truth of our God and all the beautiful things He has done and will continue to do.

The last full day our team was together, they showed a movie in the community center. It’s just an easy way to get the community together for something light and fun. Popcorn was popped, and a kid’s animated film was played in French. We are just so thankful our community kids are doing well.


Times are tough in Haiti; the cost of everything has increased. KONBIT’S heart for micro-loans is to ensure our partners are set up well and understand the dynamics of their business. Jeff has spent time with with every entrepreneur to assist with understanding their budget and profit margins. This trip was something special, though. Due to the increase in prices, the danger present in getting supplies, and the overall instability of the economy KONBIT has forgiven all business loans. KONBIT continues to account for the complexities of business in Haiti and is constantly going back to the drawing board, evaluating how we can best support and encourage our community.

Fun Updates

On April 14th, 2022 Jeanette welcomed her baby girl into this beautiful world. Both Jeanette and baby Lyanaïca are doing well. Our staff was able to visit her, celebrate her, and shower her with some adorable gifts. We are so happy for her and cannot wait to see how this young girl grows and be a part of every step. Please continue to pray over them and their growing family. The teen boys we help are also doing well. Djouby is continuing to attend school and is learning how to budget an allowance. Djouly is working hard as a woodworker. Steve has had some problems with school, so we are praying through what is his next right thing for him. They have had such a hard road and we are always asking God to give us wisdom. Pictured below are all boys and their new church shirts!

All American staff has said that their time in Haiti was not long enough. What a blessing it is to have people here that make saying goodbye hard. Kris and Jeff hope to return in June, but in the meantime KONBIT is continuing. It may look different, but different is good right now and it is reaching our community. This was Jenna’s last trip (for now) to Haiti with Konbit. She is joining the World Vision team stateside. This is a transition we have all prayed over and feel like it is next right thing for her, given our unexpected evacuation and extended time stateside. She will always be a part of the KONBIT “family”. More to come on that front. Change in inevitable, but we want to leave you with the most important information…


Thanks for reading!
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