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Konbit is 100% donation supported. As stewards of the resources provided, we strive to be completely transparent in all aspects of our ministry. We come to you often and share needs and projects that we desire to see completed to help many in our community and we aren't able to complete them unless people give. 


Please consider donating to our general fund to help cover our low operating budget, our special project fund to help support Meals on 2 Wheels, and our missionaries to keep them on the ground and serving the people God has called them too. Be sure to check back often and follow us on Facebook to learn of the one time projects that need your help and funding.


We are so thankful to everyone who has given, is currently giving, and will continue to give in the future. We can't do More is accomplished and lives are impacted in greater ways when we konbit together! 


*All donations are tax-deductable. **To donate by check send to KONBIT at 2890 Baxter Hollow RD, Belvidere, TN 37306

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