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Socks to Success

January, 22 2021

Richanaider came to Konbit looking to start a business. It has been a process figuring out what business ideas interest him and also could bring in the most money for him. He discussed one idea and decided there were too many people selling that item. Then he settled on an ice business. Richanaider came back to inform us that there were ice businesses outside of Lafferonnay that would not accept any competition and that the situation could be dangerous for Richanaider. We gladly moved on to another less risky proposal.


Although this, too, is a fairly competitive business with shoes being sold many places, His business plan is to market differently than everyone else. Richanaider will promote and then be giving a free pair of socks with every pair of sandals purchased!

He was given his loan in October with his suggestion of paying the loan back in 6 monthly installments.

Pray for Richnaider! We are standing with him and supporting his endeavors!

Sometimes success comes in creative forms, like complimentary socks!

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