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KONBIT KOMPLETE: Miler's Business Success Story

CELEBRATING A SUCCESSFUL Konbit Komplete A Konbit business success story.

Miler is a successful Haitian businesswoman. She goes to the countryside, buys large sacks of charcoal, then brings them to Lafferonnay to sell. She sells to clients who purchase several of these sacks at a time. Last summer, Miler was bringing 80 large sacks of charcoal back from the countryside when her vehicle was robbed. They made everyone get out of the truck. Then took the vehicle and everything that was in it, including Miler’s charcoal. She had invested all of her money in this shipment…and it was now gone. There is no business insurance in Haiti for something like this, so Miler’s business was done. She came to Konbit and explained what had happened. After two meetings, it became obvious that Miler know what she was doing. She knew cost, sell, profit, etc. and knew how to reinvest in her business. She was a success, but just had a major business setback.

Miler’s timing was good. Konbit had funding available for business development and Miler was given a microloan of 40,000 Goudes (about $400 USD at the time). Discussions were had about how much she needed to live on and how much she could afford to pay. Miler signed a contract stating that she would make installment payments and was sent on her way.

She returned to make her first payment, and her second. In fact, Miler has regularly paid every payment, on time, and will be making her last payment on November 3. Miler’s payments go back into the fund which are used to fund other businesses like hers.

Konbit emphasizes to each loan recipient, the importance of paying back these loans, because it is the right thing to do. They also are told that donors provide these funds to them and it is important that they respect this and pay these loans back so they can be used to help other Haitians.

These loans are reinvested back into new businesses, most loans run about 1 ½ years so funding for new business loans are limited to current funding and these loan repayments. During the week of the writing of this success story, we met with and began discussions with 12 new prospective clients. The demand is so high that we are now daily adding people to a list because of funding limitations.

If you feel that God is leading you to helping Haitians develop businesses, please donate to this fund by tapping the link below.

Then check “Special Projects” and then choose the “Business Development Fund” in the drop down box. Your donation may bring a Haitian family a chance to earn a living, with dignity.

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