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Hope in Haiti


We are so grateful to share with you all the beautiful things that are still transpiring in Haiti. Things that are warm, connective, and saturated in God’s goodness. Even though the American side of Konbit has been Stateside for 3 months, KONBIT is still fully functioning and brilliantly run by our Haitian staff. This newsletter will contain good updates about our on the ground ministries as well as our time here in the States. We hope you enjoy and are inspired to also see the good in whatever season of life you are in now.

Konbit's Programs

Tutoring Program

Right before evacuation Jenna and Kitson prepared to launch a tutoring program with a local school. They connected with the school’s director, identified students who needed extra help, befriended the local peanut butter merchant for snack prep, and prayed over the community center. During one of the prep meetings, Konbit and the school prayed together. The school director was adamant that this program will only succeed if God is at the center of it. We are so grateful to partner with them. After the meetings everything was ready and we were all excited. Abruptly evacuation happened, however the excitement was not lost. Kitson took full leadership over the program and has done extraordinarily well. The 12 kids enrolled in the program receive homework help, snacks, crafts, and devotions twice a week. We are so proud of Kitson and his creative brilliance with the students. We believe that access to education can change everything. It can open up more opportunities allowing for the cycle of generational poverty to be broken.

Djouby is doing exceptionally well and we are so proud of him. He recently finished his first semester back at school with amazing grades and remarks from his teachers. He is a brilliant student and we are prayerfully excited to see where this year will take him. Pictured below is him helping the younger kids in our tutoring program. We are not surprised that even in his down time he chooses to help other kids in their education. Proud is an understatement.

Meals on Two Wheels

As you know we are in part shifting our approach with Meals on Two Wheels. Our American staff is running full speed ahead Stateside, and our Haitian staff is doing the same. Each week the buckets are still going out fully packed with nutrients and love. For the members who need extra attention, we have hired another part-time staff member who is the sweetest caretaker. She loves our members well and we are so grateful for her. Stanley has fully taken over the program through packing each bucket, praying with our members, and joyfully loving them.

Our members are doing well. Pictured below is one member who is strong and healthy after recovering from a motorcycle accident. He was unable to walk for months but after providing care and assistive equipment he is recovering! We are so grateful.

In both of our ministries we have seen God’s provision so clearly. Each one had essential pieces fall into place right before evacuation had to happen. For example, Jenna and Kitson established the tutoring program schedule and connection. This way all of it was aligned perfectly for Kitson to take charge. Kris also was able to hire our part-time caretaker for one M2W member just days before we evacuated. God’s timing truly is so sovereign, and we are extremely thankful that even in the chaos of leaving, God was planting many good things to grow.

Colemans speaking

The Colemans have been very busy traveling Stateside in efforts to raise funds for our assisted living home. They have spent some time visiting supporting churches along the East Coast as well as in Venice, Florida. Recently Kris shared at Christ United Methodist Church’s Missions conference. Each speaking engagement has brought a lot of joy to our ministry as we are so excited to share in this BIG DREAM together.

Feeding Program Partnership

While resources are still barren in Haiti and the cost of food has increased incredibly, KONBIT has been able to partner with our local church to provide a meal every Sunday after service. Every morning women from the church get together to start the long, in-depth process of cooking Haitian cuisine for an entire church. After the service they gather around and fellowship over food cooked in community.


Outside of the Colemans busy fundraising itinerary, we have also been working on side projects in efforts to bring more income to our community. One avenue is through an exclusive cookbook. Recipes provided by our very own cook Jeanette and accompanied by photos sent via WhatsApp from Stanley and Kitson. These recipes range from traditional Haitian dishes to some of Jeanette’s specialties. It has been so fun watching our staff get excited to cook these meals multiple times a week. They then take beautiful photos of them for our book, before diving in and sharing a meal together. All profits will benefit Jeanette, and other KONBIT ministries. She is the sole caretaker of her growing family with growing needs. We are honored to take part in advocating for sustainable income for them even as we are away. Keep your stomachs ready for this book to be published so that you too can take part in honoring and celebrating Haitian culture no matter where you are. But in the meantime enjoy this sneak peak of what Jenna has been working so hard to bring to life!

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