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June 15, 2021

Gulen has 2 children, ages 12 and 7 years old.

She lives next to two other KONBIT loan recipients, Carmine Baron and Maea Matthe. She currently sells amidon (food stabilizer), manioc flour, and wheat flour.

In a bold effort to expand her business, she recently purchased a 25,000 goude garden. She put 10,000 goudes down and needed some additional money to harvest, transport, and grind her produce into flour. She borrowed 25,000 goudes from KONBIT with the expectation to pay back beginning in May.

She returned to tell us that she needed a little more time to pay, but her reason was a joy to hear! She was able to use her profits to purchase a 37,500 goude garden which she described as being a very good deal and should produce more than an average yield.

Successful Business BRAG warning! In just over two months, she was able to earn enough money for her family to live on AND purchase a garden of more value that what our loan had helped her with.

Join us as we pray for continued success for Gulene. May all of her hard work, savvy business sense, and integrity reap years of profit and sustainability for her and her family!

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