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May 31, 2021

She has been a friend of KONBIT for years, supplying Haitian made souvenirs for teams to buy before their return to the US. She also maintains a business selling a variety of items at the local market.

Rennette wanted to increase her inventory of items and expand her business, and had requested a loan of 75,000 HTG (about $1,000 USD). This amount is higher than most Konbit loans but Rennette’s knowledge of business, responsibility, and work ethic made this decision easy.

A bank loan would have cost her about 10% interest per month making a quick expansion like this all but impossible. Her KONBIT, no-interest loan was granted giving her 1-1/2 months to purchase the items and develop sales and profit before her 1st payment. She will then make payments for the next 10 months paying her loan in full in March of 2022.

Pray for her as she fights to make a living in circumstance that are difficult on the good days and impossible on the worst.

Rennette’s monthly payback funds will be added to other repayments, and alongside KONBIT business donors will continue to fund new KONBIT business development program loans.

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