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May 24, 2021

Carmine and Olande are Sisters-in-Law who currently live together. The brothers that fathered their children have both left and they are on their own. They remind me of Naomi and Ruth in the Old Testament whose husbands both died. They have built a life together, supporting one another despite the odds.

Olande is looking to move out but remain close to Carmine and together they want to build a business. 3 young children and 2 adults is crowded in a tiny one room house. Olande has a 2 month old baby and Carmine has two young children. Olande used to sell cherries, garlic, onions, and magi (bouillon cubes), however Carmine is going to teach Olande how to make amidon, a thickener, which is much more profitable. Since it will be produced right outside of their home, they can watch Olande’s baby and the other children while they work.

The business costs and profits were discussed and the no interest micro-loan given to them should be sufficient to give them each enough money to live on, as well as allow a modest reinvestment amount to help grow their business.

We have helped these precious ladies with rent in the past, medical care, and even breast feeding. They are kind, hardworking, and committed to each other and their kids. They have turned a corner and they feel hopeful about their future. Healthy kids; a smiley, chunky baby nursing like a champ; and work that provides.

Pray for them as they move forward and MIND THEIR BUSINESS!

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