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April 9, 2021

One of the most beautiful ingredients of Haiti culture is friendship. This is an example of friends who work together to provide, and they are not the only ones. We have another set of friends, who as single moms care for each other's children and run a manioc business together.

Meet Annette and Marilee . Annette runs a boutique a short walk from the KONBIT gate. Annette sells rice and beans as well as cold drinks. Her friend Marilee works along side her selling hot dogs, egg sandwiches, and on Saturday and Sunday, spaghetti . Both ladies are married, have two children each, and work hard to help bring family income.

Annette came to KONBIT hoping to get a loan to increase her inventory of current items and bring in new items.

Marilee makes a relatively good profit on her cooked food. She runs out daily, though, and wanted a loan to buy more inventory so she could sell longer. It would also assist her because she wouldn’t have to go to market daily.

After several discussions about cost (sell and profit), both ladies were given a no interest loan. Their payback time was determined by them so that they could pay the loan back in a reasonable amount of time, yet not put stress on their business.

Pray for them and their families!

God is beautifully, weaving safety nets for each of our business partners. We see His hand and all glory goes to Him. Thank for you for taking the time to see and learn about our business ventures in Haiti. This was just 5 of the last 18. The stories can be told over and over again. God is good and He provides.

Thank you for partnering with us.

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