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April 7, 2021

Marlene has a small COSMETICS boutique on the main road in Lafferonnay. She explained that she previously had an amazing business, but experienced great business loss when she got sick and had to go to the hospital about 1 year ago. While she still has her cosmetic business, she needed to borrow 55,000 HTG ($700US) to expand her current inventory. She brought a list of items she wished to carry, along with her cost, sell price, and profit.

Marlene had a fairly good understanding of her profit. She had not considered, however, her weekly profit against her living cost and how that might affect her reinvestment back into her business. She also had never worked with % profit. Marlene welcomed the new information and grasped it very quickly ! It helped her make decisions on items to sell or not to sell, in fact, she eliminated several items from her wish list. After about 3 meetings, she was given a micro-loan to purchase the items she had requested. After discussing her family’s needs and ability to repay the loan, she requested a 12 month payback. God is using her business savvy and expansion to weave a safety net under her family.

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