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November 21, 2021

Jessica has 2 other adults and a baby in her home. They rely on her for income.

Her business consists of buying a “Pèpè, which is a bundle of mostly used clothing, and then selling them by the garment. She had 7,500 goudes (approximately $75US) either saved or owed to her (from items sold on credit) and she needed additional money to purchase a new Pèpè. The remainder of her last Pèpè had only the less desirable items and likely will need to be bundled and sold off. We discussed budgeting and how much she should keep for herself and how much to reinvest. We also discussed not selling on credit the most desirable items as they would likely sell to someone for cash. We also discussed using the additional profit to reinvest (after about 2½ months) to purchase a 2nd Pèpè…and maybe a third.

KONBIT gave Jessica 13,000 HTG (approximately $130). We asked her to come back to tell us when she buys her 2nd Pèpè because we want to celebrate her success with her.

Please pray for Jessica, her business success and family. Well done, Jessica, keep up the hard work!

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