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November 1, 2021

Naglyne is a sweet lady who radiates kindness and love. She currently sells tea at the market and charcoal out of her home. Her business is quite robust; however, her margins are extremely low. Although her math education is minimal, her intuitive math skills are excellent. She is able to make a living, but to increase profit margin she would like to go from buying 1 bag of charcoal and individual bags of tea cups to purchasing bulk tea cups and 10 bags of charcoal (direct from the countryside). By doing this she is able to lower her cost per item. This also allows her to sell full bags of tea cups to others, as well as more charcoal after she returns home from the market. Facilitating this business growth meant an investment of $165 USD from KONBIT.

Increasing her profit margin means the world to her. It will make a difference in her food quality and quantity, in her medical care, in her access to clean water, and in her potential to grow this business.

From the moment she heard she would receive the funds, her head turned upward and she began praising God.

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