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June 28, 2021

Darline cares for her two children (10 yrs and 2 yrs) and her mother who lives with her. She produces amidon, as so many in our neighborhood do.

She recieved a loan for 40,000 HTG (approximately $420 US) which she added her own hard earned and saved money to. With her saved and loaned cash she was able to buy a garden and pay for assistance with harvesting the manioc, transporting the produce, and grinding the roots.

The garden she purchased has an excellent expected manioc (root that is ground and dried to make amidon) harvest and could bring her a very profitable 33% return on her investment.

Jeff spends hours every week, when he is in Haiti, talking numbers and explaining profit and business re-investment. He sits with a calculator and they work through purchasing prices for ALL MATERIALS, selling prices, and how to set aside money to reinvest. Money donated to KONBIT’s business development fund are given along with hours of education, relationship, prayer, and problem solving. It is not easy, but anything done right rarely is.

Partner with us as we continue to support the businesses in Lafferonnay. The people of Lafferonnay. The families of Lafferonnay.

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