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March, 31 2021

Belony is known in the community as Blan Manioc for his manioc (a white root vegetable) business, but he also produces a medical type soap which is good for skin irritation. He runs not just one, but two businesses here.

Belony visited KONBIT hoping to get a 12,500 HTG loan (about $170) to purchase more labels as well as more soap ingredients. He is starting over, more or less, due to a robbery in Port au Prince that cost him most of his product and cash. It also, more tragically, cost the life of a security guard. He has effectively re-started his manioc business, however this small loan will allow him to begin again with his soap business. He will be re-employing the 4 people who help him when he’s producing soap.

KONBIT provided the loan and also purchases soap from him to help our Meals on 2 Wheels members with skin issues.

Pray for Belony. Getting him back to work impacts not just his family but also the families of the 4 individuals he employs. Through this business alone, God is weaving a safety net for 5 families.

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