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Kids Konbit

January, 8 2021

This group of “men”, ages 6-12, were led by a fearless 14 year-old “man”. These guys decided the road needed some cleaning. They asked if they could barrow shovels, rakes, a wheel barrow, and other tools . They worked hard for hours clearing weeds and moving rocks and picking up trash. The leading “man” planned to use his meager resources to feed the guys a meal after. We decided to honor their effort and save him the trouble. After they finished they were praised for their efforts and served cold sodas , PB&J’s, chips, and cookies . We had a blast and they learned that hard work pays off, and sometimes in unexpected ways.

Work hard but play hard while doing it.

Much needed refreshments post-Konbit!

We love these boys. They all are strong willed leaders, with compassionate hearts, and creative minds. The photo below is them showing off their full bellies!

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