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Difference Makers.

She stumbled through the door being held up by a young girl. Before we knew what was really happening, she collapsed into a chair that just so happened to be nearby.




I (Jessie) had never met or seen the lady and was caught off guard. Desperation and silent pleas for help were in the eyes of the young girl who followed behind. In that moment, I felt helpless.

I left them sitting by the door and ran to get Rachael. The medical needs that pass through our gate are in her wheelhouse and definitely not mine. Rach came out and we knew immediately that we needed to do something. We asked a few probing questions to find out why she came to us and she mentioned she had met with Kris once before.

Instant light bulb moment.

Kris recently went back stateside to fundraise and connect with a few of our donors. Before he left, he met with her, gave her some food, and told us that she needed to be in our program for the at-risk elderly in our community. We just had an opening in our program due to the recent passing of Jo, but agreed that we'd wait until Kris came back to get everything set up for her.

Fast forward a week and the lady in front of us was the one needing to be put in our program.

She came asking for help.

Any kind of help.

All the help.

And we were wanting to help.

Her first request was getting to the hospital because she felt her blood pressure was high. Judging from her condition, we knew she needed to get there too. We already knew food security was an issue, so Rachael hurried inside and started gathering funds for a hospital visit, a food bucket, and a clean water jug. While they were waiting outside, I made them cups of cold water and sat and tried to find out more about them. Her name was Lemende. The young girl with her was her granddaughter named Mewenche. They live on the next street over in Flon. Mewenche goes to the national school of Flon, is 14, and has been living with her grandmother since she was a child...carrying a weight no 14 year old should carry. For many years she had watched her grandmother struggle health-wise and in this moment, they were both scared.

Rach came back with all the goods, money to go to the hospital, and money for a moto driver to take her. We prayed with them and then loaded them up on a moto to head home with a little more hope than they had when they arrived. We closed the gate and thanked God for the means to help.

Those who support Konbit are difference makers.

A few days later, Lemende and Mewenche showed back up at the house with her prescriptions and other tests that were needed. Lemende was still in pain but wasn't in the condition she had come to us in a few days earlier. We are committed to finding answers for her so we gave her more money to have the other tests done. Once she got the first round of tests done, it was Friday--the day the people in our program come and get another bucket. It's the day we sit with them, find out how they are doing and how their week is going. The day we pray with them and send them back out.

Lemende came that day with her granddaughter and a few more answers to her health problems. High blood pressure and diabetes were the diagnoses. Her strength was slowly being restored and it is amazing what a little food and the right medication can do. It was then that she shared how she didn't think she'd ever be able to walk on her own again...and that she'd walked to us that day without the help of her granddaughter. All the praise hands. 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

The woman who days earlier couldn't walk and thought her life was ending, was the same woman sitting before us with a full belly, controlled blood pressure, controlled sugar, and hope. She was NOT the same lady we first met and that was all because of God.

Because God sent us here.

Because God sent her to us.

Because God touched the heart of people in the States to send money to help her.

Because God cares for her.

Because God loves her.

We are still wading through all of her medical issues and have enjoyed getting to know her in the process. We see God's hand moving and we just wanted to share this story with you. Please continue to pray for her. For us. And for the few others who are waiting to find a sponsor to be added to the program.

So to those who support us, thank you.

Thank you for being a difference maker in our corner of the world.

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