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A Hope Turned Reality.

All the praise hands, y'all.

Jeanette and family has a house.

Their first house that doesn't have a leaky roof.

Their first house that can withstand a hurricane when it comes.

Their first house that they don't have to fight to keep mud out when it rains.

Their first house built on their families first piece of property they have owned.

This is a big deal.

This was a what started out as a little hope Jeanette had for her and her family.

Jeanette, a single mother with a huge responsibility of providing for her mother, brother, and sick son.

The magnitude of what this house does for them is something we can't fully comprehend but every time we talk to her about the house, she lights up, thanks God, and says she's continuing to pray for those who were a part of this story. Every day when she gets home, she sees and is reminded of the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

What started out as a little hope, became a dream, and that dream has become a reality.

This is why we konbit.

It's not about the project.

It's about people.

And this "people" happens to be our friend and someone we do life with daily.

Check out a little video we put together from the beginning of this project to the end below:

Check out a few more photos of Jeanette and her house because we love them and don't want to keep them to ourselves.


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