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KONBIT KOMPLETE: DJ Breaker's Barber Shop

Louisto Dorvilien, aka DJ Breaker, came to us with one of the most well thought out business plans and by the end of the meeting, we knew that we wanted to help make this idea a reality. Jeff met with him many times during the planning and building phase and as of early this week, he is in business!!

His business? A barbershop for our community. He already had a good reputation and did it on the side between DJ gigs, but he never had a shop where people could come in...until now. His prices are competitive and he offers everything from simple hair cuts, to different styles, to shaping up eyebrows. He also charges phones out of his studio and this is very much needed because the power companies are very hit or miss when they decide to provide power for the country. Jeff will continue to follow up with him and we look forward to seeing his business and influence grow in our area.

Because you all give, DJ Breaker has his barbershop in Lafferonnay. Thank you for investing in our friends. #konbittogether

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