One Time Projects

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Sustainability Projects

 Moto Business 

In a country with an 80% unemployment rate, owning a moto and offering a taxi service, is a Haitain driven way of life that elevates families to live above the poverty line. By purchasing a moto, you are doing more than providing a job--you are helping a family take care of medical needs, pay for childrens education and putting food on the table. Put somebody to work today! 

Through this program, we provide food and vitamins for the vulnerable elderly so that the final years of life for these sweet saints are void of suffering and lack that has so often been their companion. We deliver nutritious food staples weekly, make sure they have vitamins, keep an eye on their welfare weekly, and pray with and for them. This program also employs a Haitian moto driver so he can provide for his family as well. We have a waiting list of elderly who need a monthly sponsor of $50 to join the program. Consider sponsoring today!

Partnership Projects

Family Social 

in Lafferonnay


This Community Center has been a dream become reality. It is our newest endeavor in creating jobs and creating community in our neighborhood of Lafferonnay. We have many hopes and dreams for this place and we are excited to launch into ministry here. You can read more about the community center here and be sure to follow us on Facebook for more real-time updates on what is happening here!