Konbit Community Center

If you've followed us on social media or have come on a trip yourself, you know that one of our favorite things to do is create community. We intentionally do outreaches the way we do to bring people together.

To laugh.

To have fun.

To play together. 

To serve one another.

To meet new neighbors.

And to hear the good news of the gospel.

Our community center will be yet another avenue to do just that.


There is a fullness to life that comes within community and it is a place where people are encouraged, seen, heard, and where the love of Christ can be tangibly felt. The hope and prayer for our community center would be that this space would embody a community atmosphere daily and we are currently making strides in that direction. The new year brought many challenges and we had to step back and change the way we were going to serve in 2019 due to the Level 4 travel advisory ban. In light of that, we rolled out a monthly budget that would enable us to continue to minister and meet needs apart from teams. This need was met and as a result, we have a few programs happening weekly in our community center. Check out what we're doing below! 

After-School Tutoring

Community Movie Nights

Christian Business Ethics Classes

Community Game Nights